Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Christmas Post!!

Well as you can see I have a ton of Christmas pics. I could go on and on forever, but I'm sure your tired of seeing Christmas at the end of January. This is my Mom and Dad with their 3 grandkids. We opened Tana Taus presents at our house on x-mas morning and then we went to Ryan's grandparents house and then my parents. We had a busy day as I'm sure most of you did. My parents are tickled in this picture because either my Dad wouldn't have his eye open or my Mom would close her eyes, or Isabella would look away. I thought it was a cute picture anyway. You can just see how much my Mom loves her.
Isabella and Bambi (Savannah's nickname from Bella) and my brother Toben in the back.

Isabella made a handprint Santa clause for my sister Tonya.

And of course one for my Mom
Savannah, Cam and Isabella, oh and Beila the new Cabbage Patch doll.

Now for pictures from Mamaw and Papaw Moore's house.
Savannah with Uncle Rob and baby Camden, whom Isabella just loves. She is all about a baby!!

Bubba reading Isabella a book. She just loves her Bubba!! Lindsey is on the left and Aunt Kristi is on the right. Lindsey was the flower girl in our wedding 12 years ago. She is now in college at LSU. Talk about making you feel old.
Isabella gave Mamaw and Papaw a bird feeder because when the weather is pretty we go outside at their house and watch the birds, and fill up the feeders, and water the flowers, everytime we go over there. She loves doing this with them.
This is the only picture we got of Ryan's parents with all but one of their grandkids.
We did not do Christmas with Ryan's parents until later. We couldn't get it all in on Christmas day so we waited until later. Here is her Daddy helping open a present.
Isabella modeling a Santa hat.
Our little family.
Ryan and his two brothers.
Ryan, Rob, Chase (Rob's 17 year old son from Alaska), Mr. Glen (Pops), and Bubba.
I have to say this is one Good Looking group of men. The one on the far left being the best looking one, of course.
And that concludes Christmas of 2008. Hope you enjoyed! Now I have to catch up on January.
Have a blessed Week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Day!

Is the Christmas season really over with? We had the best time this year and we are still sad it is over so I thought I would finish my X-mas post. On Christmas eve we left Santa his cookies. Gingerbread men that Isabella decorated at Nana K's house. We put out our Gingerbread houses, our Santa handprint and our picture we took with him ( that we cried in because we don't like him up close) We even wrote Santa a note and told him what we wanted and that this next year we would work on not being soooooo SASSY! Last christmas we tried to take a picture of ourselves and it turned out OK so we thought we would try it again. This is what we looked like on x-mas morning.
I have absolutely the sweetest Husband in the Whole Wide World!!!! This is what he had done for me for Christmas. A fireman's wife draws a pencil portrait from a picture. She does an amazing job and I just cried when I opened it. THis is one of my most prized possessions.

What could possibly be down in this sock? Tater would like to know also.

Tater enjoyed watching Isabella open her presents. She was still in shock because we were letting her open presents. The month of December we were constantly getting onto her for opening everybody's presents.

Daddy helped open a present or two.
This is what her Daddy thought that Santa should bring and she loved it. She pushed her babies around in it all morning.
Santa brought a kitchen with 552 pieces of food to be scattered about the floor at all times.
When I was a little girl I got a cabbage patch doll and since it was the 25 th anniversary, Santa thought it would be a good baby to get this year. She came with a 25th anniv. silver spoon that we put in her shadow box in her room. Can you believe this baby already needed a diaper change?

I just loved this picture her mouth is wide open. She can see the baby through the whole she tore in the paper. The magic of Christmas is all over her face. Sooo much fun.
When Isabella came into the living room she really did not know what to think. Santa left all the presents (wrapped in Santa wrapping paper of course) but he also left red, green, and white balloon all over the entire living room so it trully looked magical. She took a moment to figure out what was going on, but once we let her start opening present she loved it.
I thought this was a cute picture of Tater in the balloons and presents. Well I have to say I have never had a better Christmas in all my life. Hope you had half as much fun as I did.
I'm such a blessed Mommy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More X-MAS!!!!

This picture was taken at Aunt Sylvia's cabin where we decorated Gingerbread houses.
She like posing on the steps!
Hannah, my neice and Nana, got in on the picture taking too.

Isabella had already done this one time, so this go around she knew the decorations were for eating and not putting on the house.

Another picture of her trying to see the camera, but I wanted you to see the cute pants my sister made for her.
My good friend Melissa, from High school throws the best Christmas party every year for the kids. She has Santa come and sing carols with the kids, and then calls each one up to get a toy. This pictures is a bunch of m friends from the good ole days. We are laughing at all the husbands trying to work the cameras. Thanks Melissa we always have the best time.
Melissa had the cutest sleigh and I just had to put Isabella in it. No smile but a cute picture anyway.
Watching Santa ride in on his sleigh (Mule ATV thingy, not sure what it's called)

She was so excited. SHe was yelling Tana Taus, Tana Taus. Until.......

he got to close, then we don't like him so much.

Are you crazy, you didn't really think I was going to sit on his lap, did you????????

I just love Ryan's expression. He's just learning what girls are all about!! Bless his heart he has lots to learn.

This is Isabella in disbelief that Mommy is not saying No!! No!!! Bella you cannot open that present. None of the present under our tree were completely wrapped. Every time she walks by them she tries to unwrap at least one. I got tired of rewrapping gifts, so I'll just say I didn't have the prettiest present this year, but O Well!!
Ta Ta came to my school party.

This is just a night in December, chilling and getting a back rub. I love how she is wrapped aroung his leg and of course he did this as long as she wanted because he is wrapped around her little, bitty, teeny, tiny, finger.
We took a trip to Shreveport and the Board Walk. Her Daddy bought her these twin babies that she would not put down.
We went to the Bass Pro Shop because Ryan wanted to have her picture made with the Santa there because we heard he wears Camo, but he didn't have it on that day. Remember she loves Tana Taus until he gets to close. So this is how my picture turned out, but I loved that he was looking at her.
We went back to see the Doctors that helped get Isabella hear. We always like to take them a goodie each year and let them see some of their handy work. I have to say we got their best work ever. This is Dr. London, he did all my inseminations. Dr. Vandermolen was out that day and he did my In Vitro.

This is another Tana Taus that we had to have in the house with us. She didn't even mind taking her picture with him.
This is her expression as we rode through the tunnel of lights in Jonesboro. She loved everybit of it.
I still have more Christmas pictures, so stay tuned!!!

Catching Up on CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Ours was the best one ever. She loved every minute of the Christmas season. And boy did we make the most of it. Let me share what we did this Christmas. Taking a picture in front of the tree was a challenge, because she either was wanting to look at the ornaments or run to the camera yelling "Let me see!!! Let me see!!. She likes to look at everying thing in the house through the camera screen. This is one of the best shots I got in front of the tree. Note the adorable dress she is wearing, my wonderful sister made it for her. Too cute!! I got the camera out before she could get out of the chair, but then she wouldn't smile. O Well!!
Let me just say she loved Tana Taus (Santa Claus) This picture is her kissing Santa before we left home. We ended up bringing him inside because she loved him so much.

Example of: "Let me See!! Let me See!!" But I do have to say it was a cute running picture.

We went to the Christmas parade in downtown West Monroe with our good friends Joey & Christa Edwards and their girls, and my brother in law, sister, mother, and Bambi (Savannah).
She enjoyed sitting in Ta Ta's lap. She had a whole bag of loot when it was over.

These are the girls having a snack after the parade. Bella, Katie, Karoline, Kayla, and Savannah.

Isabella with Bambi. She loves her to death.

We also attended the Journey to Bethlehem. Isabella's favorite part was Baby Jesus.

Here we are in the big town of Jonesboro to see the lights. We have been going for several years with our friends but now that we have Bella it's so much more fun.
This is my Mother's 3 grandkids. Savannah, Bella, and Cam.
I am still having trouble posting pictures in the right order, so I will just do another post. I hope that Jason the PResident of Blogspot does not kick me out for this!! Ha Ha