Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Isabella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! I can hardly believe another year has gone by. It seems like she was just born yesterday and now she is 2years old. We had a Carnival themed party this year and she loved it. Hope you enjoy the pics. Isabella and Savannah riding the train. This was her favorite thing at the party and the bouncer.
Some of the decorations. Isabella loved the clowns at the circus so we had lots of them all around
Ryan and I were all ready with camera and video. We are so glad to get to be parents finally and we are having a ball with her.
I made a clown cut out that the kids could take their picture in. She didn't really want to put her head all the way through, but it is still a cute picture. I love that expression.
This is the view looking into my garage. We draped it to make it look like a tent. It turned out really cute.

Bella playing the Bozo game with cousins, Cam and Abbey.
Bella with some of the balloons.
She was so excited but she didn't really know what to think when all the friends and family got there. She was a little bit overwhelmed.

She really liked playing the Bozo game. She loves playing with balls.

This is the view everyone had coming up to the party. We took over the whole cul-de-sac. The train ride went down the street and back. Luckily our neighbors didn't mind, they just came and joined the party.
View of the house and decorations.

The train ride was a BIG hit. The kids loved it.

I made these little clown cupcakes for the kids. They turned out sooooo cute.
I did not make the cake, but I just loved it. Last year she had a little angel on her cake and this year a small clown. They are both in her doll case in her room.
This is a gooooooood friend of mine that we just love to death. Her name is Christa and Bella calls her "Sista" She was our clown for the party.
Family photo with the cake. Tater even dressed up for the party. Can you see his bowtie?
Savannah did all the face painting.
Bella playing the Pick Up Duck game.
Sista the Clown
She's so funny!!!!!!
Sista's husband Joey was our Popcorn Man. We love you Joey!! Bella playing the Bean Bag Toss into the popcorn.
Daddy riding the train with Bella. Watching him get out of the train was pretty entertaining.
Look what Bella won on this game. A crown for a true Princess!!!
It started off drizzling rain the morning of the party, but it turned out to be a beautiful day.
We were sooooooo happy all of our friends came to the party.
Sista the clown making balloon animals.
Bella and Ta Ta. She took all the pictures for the big day!! Thanks Ta Ta!!

Group shot of all the kids that came.

Ryan and I serving up the cake and ice cream.
Isabella eating her cake. I just accdentally erased the picture of her with her cake.
She had lots of presents to open. She loved this part. Thanks everybody!!
Her Daddy bought her a big red bat and ball and a fishing pole!! He can't wait for her to do both.
We bought her a tricycle. She loves it.
She loves her Mamaw and Papaw too!!!!!
We all had fun in the bouncer!!!
Isabella loves her cousin Camden!!
I think she had a pretty good time at her party. Can you tell?????
I had a blast putting her party together. I've waited a long time to get to do this and I loved every minute of it. I know this party I got to do the theme I wanted because I know a SASSY little girl that will probably have her OWN Opinion next year. Hope you had fun looking at Bella's FUN day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

We LOVED the Circus!!!!!!

Hey Everybody,
It's been awhile since I posted. We have been so busy. This first pictures is just a average morning at our house. Pushing her baby in the doll stroller and wearing a gown and high heels. I can't believe she did not have a purse or at least a diaper bag.
Now for the circus. This is my neice Savannah and Isabella in front of the fountain after we got out of the circus. I posted my pictures in the wrong order.
She loved every minute of it.

Especially the PIGS!!!!

Clapping for the pigs.
She really liked the elephants.
Isabella and Mommy at the circus.
She was terrified of the ponies. She clawed her way over the top of my head to get away. O' well maybe next year. Look closely at the death grip she has on my arm.
If the ponies were bad then the Clowns were terrible. She went into complete melt down when we went near the clowns. This great clown helpped us get this picture. She never knew he was there. She liked them far away but not up close.
We had a blast at the circus. She still talks about the Clowns.
Hope everyone has been enjoying the weather and playing outside.
Have a good week!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

We hope everyone had a great Valentine's day. We went to eat and then home to open our Valentine's from each other. This is a precious Valentine's dress that my sister made for Isabella. Isabella with her two favorite boys. She loves her Ta. SHe was all ready for bed in her Valentine pajamas.
Isabella getting a kiss from Daddy. He gave both ofus a boutique of flowers and Chocolate. Yummy!!!!
We also gave her a book. She is addicted to books. That is all we do.
We went to a wedding on Valentine's Day and when we got back Daddy had our flowers waiting on us. Doesn't she look so cute in her bonnett. I know we are almost to old for them, but I will hold on to my baby as long as I can. She is growing up way to fast.
This is just a cute picture of her before we left for the wedding.
We hope you had a good Valentine's day!!