Saturday, September 27, 2008

What we've been up to!!!!!!!!!!

I have not posted in awhile and now I have recent pictures. I am not good with computers and I have just learned for the second time how to get my pictures from my camera to the computer. Oh and I just learned how to put more than 5 pictures on at a time. ( all you have to do is the same thing you did the first time!! Not real hard but for the computer dummy it was)YEAH ME!!! So I have gone a little overboard and put lots of pictures on this page, but when you have the prettiest baby in the world you can't help but show her off. I just can't help myself. SHe loves trying on all my hats.(Back in the day and occasionally now I wore hats) and nothing goes better with a hat than a pacifer, which she calls her Paa Paa.
We went to the fair on Friday night. Ryan's first time in yearrrrrrsssss. He said it seemed alot smaller. (Maybe because he's alot bigger) We both rode the slide in the background. She liked it
OF course we rode the carousel!!
Look at us fly by!!
Look Daddy at the ring of fire!!!
With all the rain we have gotten lately you got to have your rain boots on.
Isabella eating crackers and dip with her Great Grandmother.
Getting her hair Did!!!! Could she be any cuter!!
Did yall know that Chili's has the best ranch ever!!! I shared mine with Ta Ta and Uncle Jon.
This might be one of my favorite pictures so far. Sunday after church at my Mom's house.
The show What not the Wear might have a problem with this outfit. Pink sunglasess, plaid sundress and Camo boots, What's not to like?????

Hurricane Gustav came through and spoke at our house, He said we didn't need the tree in our back yard anymore, soooooooooooo he took it down for us. How kind of him not to hurt the fence. Luckly it fell that way, if it had fallen on the house if would have gotten Isabella, Tater and myself. Thank You Jesus!!!!
Not raining anymore but the rain boots do make such a fashion statement!!!
They are a must when you go mud diggin on Daddy's new TOY!!!!!!!
OH Hey Mom let me pose like a super Model !!!

This is how Ryan eats his ice cream everytime. HE always has help from two little ones.

Daddy takes me ridin everyday and Tater likes it too!!!
We make Ta ride in the back!!
Another day, Another Hat!!!
And last but not least the Cutest Little Angel in the whole world!!!
Hope everyone has a good week!!!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

More Random Pics!!!!

Isabella loves her brother Tater (whom she has always called Ta and about a month ago she started saying Ta-er) So cute!! They both love to go outside. THey were watching Daddy work on his mower.
Isabella's First Easter!!! Daddy was at the fire station so she got her basket the night before. She really liked the eggs!!
My what a cute Firefighter and Daddy looks pretty hot too!!!
I just know I can figure this thing out. How does Daddy make it go!!!!!!
This is what Isabella wore for Easter. I love a baby in a bonnett!!!!!!!! Hope you have enjoyed my randomness!!! Hope everyone has a great week!!

My How Time Flies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are just some random pictures that I choose to share with you. I was going back and looking at my angel and I just cannot get over how fast it goes by. She is 16 months old and I don't know when that happened. She was 11 months in these pictures and she seems like such a baby then and now sooooo big. She loves playing in this boat. All my neices and nephews have played with this boat. I just love Isabella in a night gown and she looks so cute in this one.
Don't you just love the smell of a fresh and clean baby right out of the tub. ( Yes that is pictures of our first child Tater in the background)
This pictures was taken in the front yard of Grandma Ardoin's house. (Isabella's Great Grandmother) Aren't the flowers just beautiful and look at those cheeks!!
I don't know how you shop at Wal-mart but we shop in style. The Beauty Queen has is made. She even has a pillow to lay her precious head on while we shop. She is so funny she lays this way even when she is not sleepy.
I know, I know, I know, she's going to kill me one day for this but it just don't get any cuter than this. To be continued on the next post ( I still don't know how to get more than 5 pictures on at a time!!!!