Saturday, November 15, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood

Hey Everybody, It's been awhile since Halloween, but I still wanted to let you see what our little Angel was this year. She was Little Red Riding Hood and the cutest one ever, I might add. She loved her outfit and her basket especially when it was full!!!!! We could not get her to smile for anything. She couldn't quite figure out what was really going on.
Can you see the pigtails in back?
I'm not sure what this expression was about, but of course I thought it was cute. She knows how to give some looks!!!

Her sweet Daddy took off from the Fire Station (actually paid BIG BUCKS!!!) to be off with us on the 2nd Trick or Treating adventure. He can't even remember what he was for Halloween when he was growing up, but at least he got to go with little Miss. Hood.

She had the most fun putting acorns in her basket until she realized you just walk up to people's door and they give you candy!!!

This is Isabella with her cousin Macey and she was a cute cute Clown.

Here is Isabella with 2 more cousins. Savannah was Cindy Loo Woo from the Grinch and Abbey was a Cheetah Diva. This was the house that Isabella went to the door twice to get more candy. She figured it out pretty quick.
And to round out the cousins, this is Cam and I'm not sure who he was, sadly I'm not up on my action figures!! Sorry Cam!!

This is Fairy Kristen give me lots and lots of LOOT!!!!

I love this picture of my neice Savannah with Bella. She is so good with her. She is going to be a good little Mommy one day.

Hey Mom, Look at all the candy she's giving me!!!!!

And the last house we ended up at was my parents and of course Poppie filled my basket up.

After we left my parent's house we all headed to church to the Fall Festival. Isabella liked the fishing game.
Riding the Barrell Train with Mommy was lots of fun!!!!

Notice Isabella chewing on her fingure, not because I let her have to much candy, but because she is teething. We don't even have enough teeth to eat candy. Well I guess Mommy and Daddy will have to eat it. And that concludes our Halloween night. She enjoyed everybit of it and there were no wolves out. Yeah!!