Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Hey Everybody,
First let me say I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know it's December and I am just now putting my Pumpkin Patch pictures on, but to say it has been crazy around our house is to say the least. We spent the entire week of Thanksgiving break in the house and the only time we got out was to go to the Doctor's office 3 different times. We ended up with an ear infections and had to get a shot. Poor Baby and if that was not enough on Thanksgiving day we went to the Emergency room, my mother and I were swinging her by her hands and I pulled her elbow out of socket. (So for a little bit of advice don't ever do this, you will feel like the worst parent EVER!!!!!!!) She had Nurse Maid's Elbow and the doctor turned her wrist and pushed her arm toward her chest and it was back in socket, but I still felt terrible. I am extremely THANKFUL for all the blessin in my life.

I never go to bed at night without thanking God for giving Isabella to me. You know when you pray for something so long and then you finally get it, you still have to remember to say Thank You. So that is how I start my prayers off each night. THANK YOU JESUS FOR ISABELLA!!!

She had fun at the pumpkin patch. She liked to look and play with the pumpkins this year, last year she just wanted to watch the cars go by on the interstate.

Hey, What's this? The tunnel of Hay!!!

I wonder can I make it to the other end without getting my dress dirty?

This one looks good. I'll just carry it to the car for Mommy.

But first, let me take a picture with her.

I found a really good seat and a cute little pumpkin to hold.

Thanks Ta Ta for taking all the pictures. WE love you!!!

I will always be a # 1 Aunt, so let me do just a little bit of bragging on my neice Savannah. She is so unbelievablely talented. She drew this picture in her Gifted and Talented Art class.

And she painted this picture. It sits on my sister's mantel. It is like a 16 x 20. SOOOOO SOOO pretty. Savannah you rock. Oh by the way Where is the best Aunt in the whole entire world's picture? Hum Tell me that!! Well I guess Christmas is coming up. I will be waiting.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and remember to always stop and say Thank You, especially to the people who mean the most to you.