Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sweetest Angel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everybody!! I just wanted to share some pictures of Isabella. These are probably my most favorite pictures of Isabella. She was truly a miracle and I have called her my Angel from day one. So for her first birthday, it just had to be an angel themed party. These are the pictures that my sister and I took of her to go on her invitations. This is the first dress I bought for her, when I found out she was a girl. She did so good this day taking pictures. She really knows how to pose.
I love the solemn look she has on her face. She is really watching the neighbor across the street back out of her driveway.
We don't always have on our happy face, but pretty much most of the time we do.
She was laughing taking these pictures because we didn't really want her to stand up. We were snapping them fast.
Hope you enjoyed your heavenly visit from Isabella and always remember to be thankful for the many blessing that are in your life. Nothing is sweeter than the joy a child brings to your life. I know she has given Ryan and I the most joy we have ever had.

God Bless

Thursday, August 14, 2008

4th of July

I know I am a little late, but I am going back and doing some of my favorite pictures of Isabella. We through a 4th of July party together at the last minute. It was hot but fun. Isabella liked the red, white, and blue decorations. My sister made her this outfit to wear. So cute. Ryan and I were laughing about something when my sister took this picture. We are sooooo happy to have Isabella in our lives. I know it sounds corny but she completes us.
She had been outside playing and when she came in she had a scratch on her nose. (nobody knows how it happen and she didn't cry, it just looks bad)

I let my neice Savannah (11years old) drive my car around the block, she thinks she is so big. (only the greatest Aunt in the world lets you do this) Isabella thought it was fun to give her kisses through the window.
We had all the family together that day and we took lots of pictures. This is my mom, sister, neice, Bella and myself. I have lots more pictures to share but it will only let me add 5 at a time. I am still learning, so I will do another post with these pictures. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am going back to do some entries on past pictures I have of Isabella. These are some of my favorite pictures of Isabella. We went to my cousin's little girls dance recital and we could only watch for so long. We went outside and she liked going up and down the stairs, sitting and posing for pictures and just not having to sit still.
I don't know what she was tickled about but it made some cute pictures.

She sat on the stairs and posed. She told anyone walking by Hi and Bye and would blow kisses at them. She is a hoot!!!
Hope yall are having a good day!!!